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On March 14th, Academician Wu Zhishen, President of Henan University of Technology, and his delegation visited Zhengzhou Cstar City Forest School for research. Zhang Lichang, President of Cstar Education Technology Group and President of Future Education Research Institute, and Xiao Li, Director of the Group’s Party and Government Office, accompanied the research. President Wu and his delegation gained a deep understanding of our school’s scale, conditions, faculty, and the school’s philosophy and characteristic courses of “cultivating citizens with a Chinese heart”, and gave full recognition.
附1:吴智深,河南工业大学校长,东南大学教授、博士生导师,日本工程院外籍院士,欧洲科学与艺术学院院士,先进纤维复合材料、结构健康监测科技领域专家。Attachment: Wu Zhishen, President of Henan University of Technology, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Southeast University, Foreign Academician of the Japanese Academy of Engineering, Academician of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Expert in Advanced Fiber Composite Materials and Structural Health Monitoring Technology.附2:



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