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【家校共育】开放见证成长 携手共谋发展 



April is a beautiful month, and warmth comes as promised!Preschool and first grade parents step into the beautiful forest campus, and witnessed the growth and progress of the children together


At the beginning of the event, Principal Mia of the Primary School gave a speech to warmly welcome everyone to the event.At the same time,Principal Mia suggested that this Open Day is an opportunity for parents to listen to the class, to observe the children’s performance , and to feel the wisdom of the lively and passionate classroom.


The most beautiful melody is the sound of books, and the best scenery is in the classroom. With the beautiful bell, parents step in class to listen to the class and carefully observe the performance and feelings of the children.The parents also have a good understanding of the children’s state of learning in the classroom.


Parents were overjoyed to see the growth and changes in their children.After the activity, the parents filled out the feedback form carefully.As an observer, they applauded the children’s progress, and they applauded the school for providing quality education and teaching to their children.


This Parents’ Open Day activity is a testimony of open school running and an action of home-school co-education. Participate with your heart and find beauty. Make an appointment with love and cultivate together with one heart! May every forest student be able to be healthy and strong and grow up to be a global citizen with a Chinese heart!




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